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We prize, above all else, being here for you.

We run reliably 24/7 so you can run your growing business without worrying about whether your backbone software will work. We built our product on the best-in-class Microsoft Azure Cloud, meaning we have capacity to support your growth, secure your data and push out continuous improvements without you experiencing any disruption.


Robust Features

We love improving our product.

We listen to our clients, work to understand their business complexity, and build features. That said, we also know each business is different and we accommodate and improve user experience by only turning on features you need.


Best-in-Class Support

We’ve make it pleasant.

Our customer service professionals are friendly and upbeat humans but also serious technicians. They’re available when you need them and understand Urgency. Each client works with a dedicated customer service point person, so we can not only solve immediate problems but also learn to anticipate your needs and develop new features accordingly.

We Know the Entire Chain

Spurred by continuous feedback from the best operators in the industry, we understand the ever-evolving needs of pioneering cannabis entrepreneurs like you.

With robust, sophisticated features and intelligent data collection, we help our clients optimize every point in the cannabis grow-to-retail supply chain.

Where ever you sit on the cannabis value chain – grower, distributor, processor, point of sale – we’re here to provide reliable best in class enterprise solutions.


Propel Revenues to the Next Level

End consumer tastes are growing but also always changing. Let us help you keep up with real time data analytics and ready-to-use solutions.


Up the game of your grow’s sell-through with real time analytics of what and to whom you’re selling best

Empower your dispensaries’ budtenders to upsell with end customer profiles that display purchase history and preferences

Take your dispensary’s sales to the next level with a beautiful, ready-to-use ecommerce solution


Navigate Evolving Regulations

Regulatory regimes new and regulations still evolving. Feel safe that LeafLogix is always aware of the newest regulations and building in safeguards into our systems to protect your business


Sync your grow’s product with state traceability systems while cross-reconciling with your own in-house inventory

Protect your dispensaries’ budtenders from accidentally overselling to end consumers with automatic warnings

Ensure your distribution & wholesale business is complying with regulatory traceability requirements with our easy-to-use manifest creation


Operate with Best-in-Class Efficiency

Cannabis pioneers are juggling a lot – growing pains, regulatory mandates, day-to-day operational hiccups. Let us help you improve workflow and work smarter.


Speed up your processing business’s time to market by optimizing fulfillment by inventory availability and state regulations

Keep your dispensaries’ employees accountable with dedicated register and employee log-ins

Improve your grow’s productivity with ready-to-use plant metrics and workflow customization wizards.

Ensure your dispensaries’ customer and regulatory satisfaction with simple product return procedures

Comprehensive Product Suite

Driven by the needs of the best operators in the industry, our robust set of product features is second to none.

  • One-click reporting templates
  • Intuitive dashboards for real time data viewing
  • Ready-to-use attractive end-consumer facing site
  • Real-time inventory allocation and visibility
Point of Sale
  • Loyalty programs, promotions, touch screen simplicity
  • Built-in, robust patient profiles
  • Loyalty and discount programs
  • Sales commission tracking
  • Inventory management by user-controlled statuses
  • Pricing tariffs by customer
  • Customer menu control
  • Comprehensive tracking and cost Track & cost crop inputs
  • Easily manage 50,000+ plants
  • Create standardized reports one-click

Seamless Integration

State Regulatory Systems

We are integrated with all regulatory compliance software providers. We can help you painlessly comply with your state(s)’ requirements, sending regulators what they need nightly and automatically reconciling regulatory reports with your own internal inventory.

Third Party API

We love that our software provides your business its backbone but we know you need our backbone to work with all sorts of other software provider to keep your business moving in the right direction. That’s why we offer easy third party API to partners that we know you love.


Why Choose Us?

We believe in getting stuff done, quickly and intelligently. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand you need us to be our best so you can be your best. We’d run through walls to do that. A few standout reasons to choose us:

  • Full seed-to-sale solution
  • Up-to-date compliance safeguards
  • Emphasis on security & reliability
  • Real time data collection and analytics
  • Feature-driven, customizable modules
  • Multi-location, single-sign on
  • Dedicated customer service technicians
  • Intuitive user interface

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